Keith (and Scrivener) featured on Mac News Network … er.132221/

The author managed to get more details out of KB regarding Scriv for iOS, and even spelled Scapple right until the penultimate sentence of the article. :laughing:

Joy! 8)

Who cares about this iOS whazzimacallit[1], the real meat on the bone is that Scrivener 3.0 is stomping its way ever nearer… Mmmmm just like Jurassic Park, I can feel it coming!!!

[1] I will buy it for my iPad just to support L&L of course, but iPads is fur twaddlin’ not wurkin’…

I wonder if they’ve considered renaming Scapple to Scrapple? :slight_smile: Part of me wonders how much is autocorrect, and how much is just a human block on the name.

Or that the route to a human’s heart/brain is through their stomach!


Mr X

And we wonders! Yes, we wonders! Why is the OP the long-time robertdguthrie and not his new alter ego rdale? Is there some cunning plan behind it?


Mr X

I think the Scapple/Scrapple mix-up is an American thing, given that Scrapple isn’t a foodstuff known over here. I still love the name Scapple, though, and it’s not as if people find spelling “Scrivener” all that easy in my experience. :slight_smile:

As for the interview, I very much enjoyed talking to William and am grateful for MacNN’s interest in Scrivener and its development process. Reading it back makes me realise why I should stick to written interviews, though:

  1. It turns out that transcripts of me talking freely sound as though I speak English as a second language.

  2. I tend to speak a little too freely. We’ve been debating internally whether we should publicise the interview over social media, but with my blathering away about 3.0 when we’re supposed to be keeping it shtum until it’s closer to being ready (it’s been held up by my work on the iOS version), and my carelessness with words in describing past iOS developers (“got rid of”), we’ve been playing it down a little!

Given all the crap that you’ve gone through with the iOS port, I think you showed remarkable restraint. :slight_smile:

And don’t feel badly–the IRS screwed up my middle name, so I was debating changing it, rather than getting them to correct things to my real middle name. (It would’ve been an easier process to change my middle name.)

Cunning? Plan? Me? :laughing:

[size=150]Wot’s … how you say … wrong with alter egos?[/size]

[size=150]Bon chance, mon ami :wink:
Le D[/size]