Keith, what style are you using?

I had (for no special reason than the usual procrastination efforts) a look on the Scrivener website today, and while scrolling down the beautiful page that explanes Scrivener’s features, I thought to myself: Well, his text pages look really nice. In fact, I’d like to have mine looking like these.

So, would you like to disclose what font you were using for the demos, what line spacing etc.?

(Maybe it was all set as default in the beginning. But since I’m the kind of geek who starts using a program by changing it’s default values without a clue why they are how they are, all initial settings are long gone…) :blush:

Optima - I think!

I’m pretty sure the default is Optima 12pt at 1.2x line spacing multiplier with paragraph indents and 6pt of spacing below each paragraph. That’s all off of memory so I could be wrong; like you, I have had things tweaked long ago. I pretty much have the same font and line spacing, but prefer 0 space between paragraphs and no indent since I use MMD. It’s better to know what white space actually exists.

Actually, a little bell in my brain is ringing saying Optima 13 pt … but it may be that I set the 13pt when I first started using Scrivener, since 13pt is what I use in other apps too, so it may be.

I find 13 point, whether Optima, Adobe Caslon Pro or whatever, is perfect for use on materials I produce for students, as I then print it up or PDF it 2 pages per sheet. 13 point then comes out at a normal book-size type-size. So I save loads of paper and it’s very legible.


I think you are right. The original was 12pt during most of the betas, but it got changed to 13pt; 1.2x; +8pt space. I did use 13pt Optima for a while, but eventually went back to 12pt. I think the anti-aliasing looks better at 12, even though it is a touch small.

Thank you! Looks better now, indeed.