Key combo to switch focus between Binder and Notes area

Sorry if this has already been requested by others.

I think the subject says it all. Since those 2 areas are significantly involved in the most basic Scrv tasks, it doesn’t seem like a secondary frill to be able to quickly move around between them.

Something like Alt/Opt Tab would be nice. I do realize that tabbing will move me around and eventually get me from one to the next, but that means too many tabs.

You can actually navigate between all of the major editing components using a directional system based on the keys J, I, K, and L. Combined with Cmd-Shift-Option, they will move the focus in the direction which is most logical for that key. So to move from the Synopsis to Notes (down), you would use K. To get to the Binder from Notes: Use J (left) once to enter the main editor, and again to get into the Binder. Likewise, you can move between splits.

Thx. That seems to work with J for going from Notes to Binder, but once I’m in the Binder no keys work to get me anywhere. Should I report this as a bug?

In any case, I don’t know what other users think, but this key combo doesn’t seem ideal for something which seems so fundamental: i.e. 3 keys need to be pressed with the left hand (not ideal for RSI) and IJMK are not the easiest keys to find without looking at the keyboard (unless you’re a good touch-typist).

The reasons behind this are explained in the Help file (and the number of keys required are the result of so many key combos in Scrivener, this being a somewhat low-priority item for easy key-combos). You can, of course, use the System Preferences (Keyboard & Mouse) to change these key combos to something you prefer.

As for being in the binder, opt-cmd-shift+L should get you to the editor on the right of it, or +J will get you back to the inspector or editor. This works fine for me.


Thx for the response.

I figured out the reason opt-cmd-shift+L wasn’t working: I had mapped it to something else in DefaultFolder.

Pure feedback: I don’t think that navigating between Binder and Note area is low-priority in terms of usability - my 2 cents.

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Um, but you can navigate between the binder and note area, with the keys mentioned.


Agreed - I should have been more explicit. I think it’s an action which reccurs enough that it warrants a faster/easier key-combo. In terms of UI, take any major application on the market and none will have such a complex key combo for an action which (to me at least) seems routine. This is just feedback - perhaps others would disagree (or agree!)

You are right; most application have no way at all, or if they do, it involves pressing tab about three dozen times. Seriously though, I think the only thing I find awkward about it is that it is relative to your current position. I’d prefer a static placement where J is always the Binder, K is always the primary split, I the secondary, and O the Synopsis and L the Notes. This would allow direct jumping from Binder to Synopsis; not currently possible in some situations with splits (without going about things in a maze-like way).

As for the modifier keys… shrug. I guess I’m just used to it; it doesn’t seem that awkward. Maybe it is because I have a hitchhiker’s thumb?

Well why didn’t you mention this before? :slight_smile: This is a good idea. Annoyingly, it would take a lot less code than what I used to set up the navigation between views, too!


Because I just thought of it! :wink:

Does this mean a navigation change might make it to some future verson? If so, I’ll gladly second and third the ability to jump straight to notes or synopsis.

I have to admit that I also find the current keystroke combinations cumbersome, but I also know how hard it was to find any open ones by the time Keith added this feature. In any case, they’re much less awkward and time consuming than reaching for the mouse, so I’m not complaining.


I have just changed this for 1.02. The key strokes are a little cumbersome, of necessity. They work like this:

Ctrl-opt-cmd-B - binder/search table
Ctrl-opt-cmd-E - main editor
Ctrl-opt-cmd-R - secondary editor
Ctrl-opt-cmd-U - index card synopsis
Ctrl-opt-cmd-I - notes/keywords/references


You’re the best!

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