Key Command to Start/Stop Speech

I haven’t found a way to start and stop speech without going to the pull down menu.

Is it possible to add a key command to control this function?’’


You can do this via the System Preferences - in System Preferences, select “Keyboard” and then the “Shortcuts” tab. In there, select “App Shortcuts” on the left and hit the “+” button. Choose Scrivener as the application and “Start Speaking” as the menu title, then the keyboard shortcut you want to use (try to make sure it’s not one already used in Scrivener, otherwise it might not work; if you want to use a shortcut already used in Scrivener, you’ll need to redefine the shortcut for that menu item in the same way). Do the same for “Stop Speaking” (unfortunately you’ll need a different shortcut for that since the convention in Mac apps is to have a separate menu item for this).

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On Yosemite, at least, in the System Preferences->Dictation & Speech pane, there’s an option to “speak selected text when the key is pressed” with an option to change the key combo. It’s not application specific, if using text-to-speech is something you want to do in other applications too.

Thanks for these solutions.

Excellent! Thank you. I was getting ready to request this as a feature, since you can find this under the Scrivener Edit/Speech menu, but with no key command.