Key commands?

Do you have a list of all the keyboard commands?



Look under “Tips and Tricks” in the forum. Wock has kindly produced a complete list.


Thank you but did he ever create an updated version? I notice some people mentioned a few mistakes and he said he was going to rectify them.

Thanks again.


It’s sometime since I looked, but I thought he did … Maybe he’ll respond himself.


The list is current for 1.11 and should contain al the corrections.

I will have a new version posted for Scrivener 1.5 (new Version coming this fall) once the Beta or RC1 version of 1.5 releases.


A thing I stumbled upon concerning key commands:
I was looking for the danish: ø and before I realized that on the Mac you can simply press alt+ö (the swedish version) I tried it the “PC” way: alt+ a set of numbers. In this case alt+0248. That didn’t give the result I was after so I tried some other key combinations. I ended up with ctrl+alt+cmd+0248 and got the scare of my life.
I did it again and everything was ok. :open_mouth:

THAT was neat!

Hint: you only need cmd+ctrl+alt+8 :slight_smile:

Hi Antony,

I did not know that. After pressing that particular set of keys and getting that result I got scared. What other strange and sinister key commands are lurking under the Macs hood? What if my Mac turn arabic or chinese and there’s no way to get it back? Or disconnects the keyboard? :open_mouth:
Any other commands I should be aware of?


Heh! I’m not aware of any keyboard-only commands that will change your language settings. The cmd-ctrl-alt-8 shortcut is part of the Universal Access settings- the idea is to increase contrast and reduce eyestrain for users with poor eyesight. There are other settings in the same preferences, like further increasing contrast, making the entire display greyscale, and so on.

You can check out all the system keyboard shortcuts, active/deactivate them, and even create your own, in the Keyboard & Mouse section of System Preferences.

Here is one I like

⌃+⌥+⌘+⇪ = SHUTDOWN
(Control + Option + Apple + Eject)

Some other Leopard Shortcuts … er-hotkeys

To get your Mac to turn Arabic or Chinese, or any other language using a non-standard Roman character set such as Slavonic languages, you have to set them deliberately in the Keyboard pane of the International preferences, and then set the key command to switch keyboards to Shift-Space — which is set to something else by default. In which case Shift-Space will take you back. But it’s not something that’s going to happen to you accidentally, so no need to worry there!

For the rest …