key press sound in fullscreen mode

Dear Keith
I sometimes need to close my eyes to focus my attention. An optional key press sound might be a great help. As long as I hear this sound I know I am still typing in Scrivener. And optional disabling of the caps lock key is a great help too.
I wrote my own software just to have fullscreen and key press feature and now I would like to use Scrivener. (I can provide the soundfiles)
Best wishes from Berlin

You can disable Caps Lock using the Keyboard and Mouse prefpane. I know I’ve seen a utility to make a keypress sound, but I don’t remember what it’s called. Anyone?

That is a good idea, audible feedback, but for fast typists many operating systems can’t keep up and it might make Scrivener unstable.


There are a couple sharewares doing this:

I never tried them, but I’ll soon. I, too, love the old key click.


Don’t your keys make any sound? :slight_smile: I messed around with this ages ago, but if you are a really fast typist, the key stroke sounds often can’t keep up and it sounds clunky. Also, I think it is a little… um, gimmicky. 8) Sorry.
All the best,

Some of us love blessed silence… :smiley: