Key recovery email


I just updated to 1.9, and it showed that the trial license expired (as already reported here by others.). I had the email from when I bought, but it did not accept the key I entered (from 2011). While trying key recovery both in the software and the website showed “We’ve sent details of your past transactions, licenses and downloads to you via email.”, but no email arrived. Could you please help?


I followed crankycyclops’ solution in the other thread, but I just got a popup saying my key is valid for 60 days more :frowning: . I hope there is a workaround for this. It is troubling, but I understand the troubles. Thanks,

I would get in touch with technical support so that the specifics of your situation can be discussed. We can try out your serial number for example and make sure it works in a general sense. Also be sure to check your spam folder when requesting automated emails—that’s the kind of stuff that can easily end up in the filter.

There wouldn’t be a message along those lines. There might have been a message stating that activation is pending and that you have 60 days to sort out getting Scrivener connected to the 'net, but I don’t think that would appear in the new version of Scrivener. Make sure you’re up to date with 1.9.10.