Key Word drop downs and confirm on delete?

Hey Gabby,

I feel like I’m getting close to grasping this keyword concept, but could you clarify a bit for me? I understand that you set up folders in your HUD for various aspects of your story – for the sake of brevity, let’s seize on characters, and say I have only one, Jamie, and a folder I use to keep track of cars. In a scene, I decide that Jamie drives a red Volvo. As I’m writing these things, I want to track them for continuity purposes. From inside the draft, I have the inspector pane showing…but since I’ve added the folders to the HUD, when I click on keywords in Inspector, nothing is revealed–there are none.

From here, it gets muddy for me. You wrote:

What exactly are you dragging here, and to where? By character, do you mean simply the name that appears in your draft? I know I must sound daft, but I’m confused–and drowning in a sea of details I’m desperate to master. I truly appreciate any help anyone can throw my way. For instance, here’s a problem I have–I’ve given Jamie a red volvo, but can’t remember two weeks later what I came up with. I can’t do a find on ‘car’, because I never referred to it as such–and I can’t remember it’s red, or a volvo. Idiot me, I’m lost in my own words–and I think keywords would be incredibly helpful, if I can just grasp a workflow way to use them.

If you had an HUD entry for Jamie, and one for Cars, how exactly would you add this reference to them, so you could search for it later? Would it be via the inspector pane for the specific scene, or the HUD?

Gabby also wrote:

In the draft, I finally located the ‘red volvo’ reference, highlighted it, and dragged it to the Jamie entry in the HUD; I then located a sentence where I identified it only as a volvo, so I dragged that as well. When I attempt a search on ‘volvo’ from the HUD, nothing happens–I know I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what. Can you help?

Thanks so much, I appreciate all of you who are willing to share working examples. Often when I get stuck writing, I peruse the forum for ideas–I find it a great antidote for writer’s block.

Take care, and Happy New Year!! cgcis

That’s because the HUD is where all of the keywords in your project are tracked. It has very little to do with each document. When you select a document in the Binder and check out its Keywords section, unless you have specifically assigned things to that document, it only makes sense that it would be blank. Having HUD keywords show up in every single Binder inspector would dilute the purpose: assignment of concepts to individual portions of the book in the Binder.

You can also just type in the keyword pane of the Inspector, too, if you find it easier to type in “Joe” than open the HUD, find the word, click, drag, and drop.

So once again:

  1. The HUD is where you keep them all
  2. The Inspector is where you assign them

If you find all of this still confusing, you might be better off just forgetting about the HUD altogether. It is a convenience, not a necessity. You can get by entirely by using the Inspector pane.