Keybinding: Adding "New Text" does not add empty text file

Adding New Text via CTRL+N in a chapter results in a template being copied, instead of an empty file being inserted.

Trying to use the big green plus button to add an empty scene inside a chapter results in the same problem.

I tried to reset all keybindings, did not help.

Used the Mac version before, that problem did not occur.

(I am a software developer, using Windows 10.)

Opening a fresh projects the shortcuts differ though.

New Text: CTRL+N
New from First Template CTRL+T

Whereas in the buggy project these shortcuts are given as:

New Text: CTRL+N
New from First Template CTRL+T, CTRL+N

Again, resetting the shortcuts in the buggy project does nothing, also changing these manually back to CTRL+N does not work.

Opening a fresh project and re-importing the buggy one solves the problem.

Deleting the Settings folder in the scrivener project directory does not help, the keybindings are not re- initialized to the default state.

Are you using the beta by chance? You are basically describing how the default subdocument template feature works—so that is what I would check first in the beta (in the stable version, this feature doesn’t exist). It is used by selecting a container and changing the default child document with the Documents ▸ Default Template for Subdocuments ▸ submenu.

The trick, if you don’t remember having used it in the past, is finding where the assignment is. The way this feature works is that it can override how new items are created from that folder downward. Thus if you set an assignment to the Draft folder, the entire draft folder will use the assigned document template instead of a blank file.

Personally, I’d cheat by opening the .scrivx file in an XML editor, search for defaultChildTemplateUUID, and from there look for a sibling element called Title—that will be the binder title that you see in the UI. With that known, the file can be closed and the project reloaded. Select the indicated folder, and use the aforementioned menu to select “Text” as the default.