Keyboard customization question

In doing some keyboard customization, I’ve changed some default key assignments, and also cleared some and leave them unassigned. Things are working more or less as I want them to, but there is one odd thing I’m hoping might be explained.

I removed the shortcut assignments from the Ctrl+Left and the Ctrl+Right key combinations. By default these are assigned to those, Move Item Left and Right in the Binder, and those commands have been reassigned to other key combinations and are working.

Even though those keys are no longer assigned to any commands, I’m finding that they are still doing something when used in the Binder. But I can’t figure out what exactly.

Sometimes they are only duplicating the unmodified Left and Right arrows and are simply collapsing and expanding folders and file stacks. Other times, it’s not clear what exactly they’re doing, but it seems related to the Collapse to Current Level and the Expand All commands, but not quite. And those commands are already assigned to other keys. Sometimes they need to be pressed twice before they do anything. Sometimes they seem to alter what the unmodified Up and Down arrow keys do when they are pressed immediately following. It’s odd.

I know it can be inconvenient to play around with key assignments, but if someone could give me an idea of what these keys are doing after their default commands have been removed and reassigned, I’d very much appreciate it.

The behavior can be seen by simply restoring the Scrivener default, and then clearing the Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right shortcuts.

Thank you.

For the most part, I think Ctrl+Left/Right, when unassigned, is acting the same as Left/Right with the distinction that it’s not visibly affecting the selection. The arrow keys navigate the binder and will expand or collapse when at a node. So when a subdocument is selected, pressing Left (or Ctrl+Left in this case) selects the parent container, and pressing Left again collapses that container. Ctrl+Left is doing the same thing except that it’s not moving the selection highlight to the container (also not affecting the editor), so the first press appears to do nothing and the second press collapses the node.

Thank you, MM.

What you’re describing sounds more or less like what I’m seeing. But because I wouldn’t expect an unassigned key to do anything, and because my purpose in reassigning these particular keys was to make it more difficult to accidentally move folders and documents, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t somehow setting myself up for a binder scrambling down the road though a rogue key combination.

I appreciate your looking into it.