Keyboard for IOS version

I’m curious if I will be limited if I purchase the Apple keyboard vs an after market like the Zagg. You’ve got an extensive list of shortcuts. Will the shortcuts for bold italic underline and strikethrough also work? I’ve seen where this is not supported on the Apple keyboard and I definitely want to avoid going to the screen as much as possible. Getting ready to purchase the new 9.7 just because of the new release.
THANKS AGAIN for your hard work.

Hi Martie - The external keyboard shouldn’t make a difference for this. I’ve used both the Apple smart keyboard for my iPad Pro and an older Logitech bluetooth keyboard on my iPad 4 and both handle both the standard shortcuts (bold, italic, underline, etc.) and Scrivener’s custom shortcuts just fine. Other beta testers likewise had no reported trouble with keyboard shortcuts working on various setups.

Silly question, but how do you “invoke” that shortcut overlay, to see what options are available? I seem to recall glimpsing a screen grab where that overlay was visible?

I haven’t the foggiest (I only have an iPhone and no external keyboard paired to it), but you can see the shortcuts in this knowlege base article… … s-gestures

Just hold down the Command key for a second or two to see what keyboard shortcuts are available in the current context. This works in any iOS app that supports keyboard shortcuts.

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That was it - slipped my mind… much obliged!

Thanks for your quick replies. Now i just need to decide if i csn do without a backlight :confused: Appreciate the reminder about the command key for shortcuts too!!

I’ve seen mixed reviews for the Smart Keyboard, so for now I’m using the two keyboards I already had: a $15 Logitech keys to go keyboard that’s great when I’m taking notes in places where quiet typing is imperative, and my regular old Apple BT keyboard, which I use with my old Incase Origami case that I got on sale for $10 when they were discontinued.
No problems with keyboard shortcuts on either keyboard, though the Logitech has more iOS options, since it was designed for it, unlike the BT keyboard which I got years ago, even before I got an iPhone. The only issue with the latter is that when I use the fn key, the emoji keyboard pops up and I have to dismiss it by pressing the fn key again.
I believe the keys to go is the same size as the Smart Keyboard (for the 9.7" iPad Pro I use) and actually has more iOS function keys, and I actually prefer to have the keyboard separate from the iPad (for ergonomic reasons), so at this point, I doubt I’ll be buying another keyboard. It’s a lot cheaper to use what I already have.

Yeah, you’d “love” the Apple keyboard then. It not only lacks a fn key and all of the useful things you would expect from having one, but has replaced it with this smiley face browser. I spent about a month cussing at that thing before figuring out that you can delete the emoji keyboard from your settings. So the button remains useless, but at least it isn’t annoying about it. :wink:

Really the best thing about it in my opinion is that it isn’t Bluetooth. You can leave that antenna off, save power, and not have to deal with periodic pairing frustrations. It being a “docking” keyboard really doesn’t matter as much as you’d think. It’s not like you have to wrestle the iPad into the case or something (remember Apple’s first iPad case? Ugh!). It’s all magnetic—if you’re done typing just pick the iPad up and walk away. Set it down in the holder when you’re ready to start typing again.

Unfortunately I found that convenience to also be a liability when it comes to actually being a case. It’s not really a case, it flaps around if you pick it up wrong, drops off, feels awkward to hold as a tablet without removing it, etc. So you’d want a real case too—and you’ll need one that works with it, or is super easy to remove.

It’s an okay keyboard, its simplicity and somewhat awkward not-a-case design aside. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it if I already had a keyboard and case that I really liked. For new users though, it’s worth considering. Out of all of the recent portable keyboards I’ve tried (excluding the AlphaSmart, which is a little more than a keyboard and requires a USB port to use as one) it has the best tactile response for my taste. It feels a bit like a cross between the standard Mac laptop keyboard and the newer 12" MacBook keyboard. It has the key size and more of the travel of the older keys—but the clicky response the new one has.