Keyboard Hygiene

Just vacuumed iMac`s keyboard. Had to empty the Dyson twice. :frowning:

Oh, when we collected our old iBook from the Bluewater Apple store a year or two back after having something or other fixed in it, they looked at us with utter disgust as they recommended cleaning the keyboard more often…

What I’d really like is one of those mini vacuum cleaners that Ethan Hawke uses in Gattaca…

Get one of the new keyboards. While a crumb or two might get under there it won’t go far…

So, there’s this goop you can buy that you pour on the keyboard, and it solidifies (like Jell-O, or vic-K’s liver :slight_smile: ) and when you peel it up, all the junk comes up. Available in the EU only. Anyone heard of this?

Cyber Clean USA
701 Cooper Road, Suite 11
Voorhees, New Jersey 08043

You write better with a mucky keyboard.
A recycled kebab help the process along.

Why am I revealing all of the secrets of Shakespeare, Marlowe and McGonagall ?

I need to take a lot more of something.

It’s a bit like a good cast iron skillet, or a Yixing clay tea pot. You soap it you lose a decade of precedence!

True…true. :confused:

Im still trying to figure out what all the buttons on this one do, I couldnt face figuring out a whole new keyboard full of em. The [i]escape[/i] thingy, for example! [i]Escape[/i] from what/where, and where to!! Every time I press it, Im still sat here, fed up n miserable as sin :frowning: . So. No thanks! Ill stick with the dustbin Ive already got.


Please please please remember that she is talking about the cooking utensils, not clothing. For personal hygiene. Got it?

Try as I might the esc (which does mean escape) does not work in this world. Although the employees know that when they see me pounding on it while they are talking it is time to exit quickly…

Really though, you can ignore almost every key that you don’t know about. By the time you need one you will either be looking for the picture (like the play/pause icon on F8) or it will be explicitly called out (like CMD-v).

Oh yeah, and if you buy a keyboard made by apple there are likely to be no changes. The oddities come from non-apple keyboards that are usually designed to work with Windows and consider Mac as an afterthought.

When I ran a computer business, one day a week was devoted to cleaning keyboards from trade-ins. Can’t say I miss it. And when you put a keyboard back together, you better mind your P’s and Q’s.

The new Mac keyboards seem to have taken this NEED to heart. You gotta spill a soda on them to get them really mucky. Not that I do; I’m far more fussy than Dear Husband, for instance.

Some have reported leaving the keys on works, too. Longer drying time, though.


Waterproof washable Medical keyboards. $60.00 (PC and MAC)

My favorite line

A can of compressed air.

Shrink Wrap laid over keyboard.

Type upside down. :slight_smile:

IP68? What, they expect scuba divers to use it?

Well you know if you are down in the deep and the ROV is broke down and you need to catch up on your myspace page you can rest assured your keyboard will make it through. :slight_smile:

But how do you clean the cyber-clean?

With the latest gizmologically enhanced technology. Wot else!? :open_mouth: