Keyboard Input Becomes Sluggish

I’ve noticed that the keyboard input rate (and navigation) becomes abysmally sluggish at times. For instance, today, I’m typing in 10 pages of single-spaced brainstorming from manuscript. I wanted to type it all in, then break it up afterward. It’s brainstorming, after all. I’ve just hit page five and the queue simply cannot keep up; it’s dropping characters royally–and I am not a fast typist. I’m at 7405 characters in this document, no fancy formatting. For kicks:

I altered the backup rate to 60 seconds without effect.
I selected a different font without effect.
I reduced the display ratio dramatically without effect.

But starting a new document greatly increased the input speed.

I suspect, therefore, that Scrivener on Linux (and for Windows?) simply lacks the robustness to maintain the key buffer after the doc reaches a certain length.

Hrm. For the record, I type around 95 wpm (thanks to MMO’s), and I use Scrivener both as Linux native and under WINE. I haven’t noticed an input lag, and I’ve got one document that’s about 78,000 words.

Few questions:

1.) Which distro and which version of Scrivener?
2.) What are you running in addition to Scrivener?
3.) Which window and/or desktop manager?
4.) How are you starting Scrivener? (There’s a startup script that’s necessary, if you’re using KDE.)
5.) How is Scrivener installed? (installed locally or on a flash drive?)
6.) SATA or SSD hard drive? (Some Windows people were reporting issues with Scrivener installed to an SSD drive.)
7.) How much system RAM do you have?

I’ll add that I do have a thing called iBus running. It allows me to switch keyboards. I had forgotten about that thing. I turned it off, which helped some. Before that, if I typed like mad, the CPU Usage would flatline at 100%. Now it borders 100% with some dips. I also tested typing like mad in OpenOffice. It spiked occasionally to 100% but did not ride the border constantly.

I’m under Linux native. Thx!