Keyboard input slows down

I am new to Scrivener. It is a great program and I am very happy with it, wish I had it when I was writing my thesis. Any how, I do have a little problem with it. The last couple times I used it I noticed that after a while the program does not keep up with what I am typing, there is a lag or letters would be missing. The docs I am working on are not big and does not have graphics or anything, just a few section of texts. Usually when that happens I have to close the program and reopen it and everything is fine again.

Any suggestion or workaround?


Do you have any applications running that monitor keyboard input, like a text expander, global spell check software (not the built-in OS X utility), or security software monitoring input? That’s the first thing to check and the usual cause of any kind of typing lag like this. Try switching that off temporarily and see if doing so improves your speed in Scrivener.

Hey! I had the same problem sometime ago and contacted customer support. We tried lots of things without any success.

Then I went on my own to try to replicate the problem and finally I was able to replicate it.

In my case, maybe it is the same with you, it was a problem with styles.

I had been copying and pasting a bunch of different styles in different docs that I had in Scrivener.

I guess that Styles are ‘kept’ in memory for some reason or something like that and they make the project crawl.

Any way, what I ended up doing was creating a new project, setting new formatting at will, then I copied all my text from my old project and then pasted it into the new project with “Match Style” so it would paste with the formatting that I had set up when creating the new project.

That did it for me! Maybe it can help you.

I have been using Scrivener for Mac for almost two years now with no problems. Love the program. In the past three weeks or so, my keyboard response has slowed to a crawl, making it almost impossible to write.
I have always used default settings and haven’t changed styles for these projects nor have I imported any material. (However, I am working on different projects, novel, nonfiction and play but they are not open at the same time.) In my forum search I also noticed that slow keyboard response is also a topic on the Windows forum.

Since from the forums most of these questions are recent, could this be a bug in a recent version?

In the meantime things are so bad I have had to go back to a regular wordprocessor.
I’d rather not have to copy and paste my entire projects to new project blanks unless absolutely necessary.