Keyboard kung-fu skills anyone?

Ok, I’ve been avoiding this for about 15 years…


… in my quest to banish the mouse/keyboard two-step when editing text, I wondered if there was a way to access the contextual menu without having to go via the mouse?

My keyboard kung-fu skills are pretty well homed - and in windows, my crappy old keyboard had a ‘menu’ key dedicated to just this function.

So, is this limitation of mac’s os, or have I been overlooking the bloody obvious?

Anyone care to snatch the pebble from my hands?


The key command is ctrl-5 (on the numeric pad).
To use it, you have to turn on “Mouse Keysâ€

One man’s limitation is another man’s feature. I believe that this is a feature of the OS that is designed to distinguish Mac from winblows (the lack of #pad on the original mac keyboards to drive folks to the gui hence showing that macs are different). I could be wrong about that though.

Isn’t it the other way around? Aren’t you snatching the pebble from someone else’s hand?


You are the … pigeon-man. How long has that been in around (I don’t remember it in 9)?

You know why cities keep perigean falcons?

Been around since Universal Access was adopted (I want to say 7.5 or 8 I think) but it was “hidden” as a Handicap feature (Hence Universal Access) but with new ADA laws that have been invoked over tha past 10 years many changes to OS’s and GUI’s have had to add or adopt features so no person is left without full access and these features instead of quietly being added are now being adopted with great fanfare to tout “Access for All”

Example is look at the new “Braille REader” update Apple just released. They are staying on top of things to meet ADA compliance and for good PR.



Thank you, Sensi!


Thank you, Sensi!

Np Problem :slight_smile:

Also here is an extensive list of “power user shortcuts” for those that love do everything by keyboard commands (Leopard 10.5) … er-hotkeys

The “Complete Leopard Shortcut list” … tcut-lists

keyboardeth away! :slight_smile:

And what about those of us who refuse to update? Have a list for us?

For the record I have no need to update. Time machine function is the only thing that I would use, and being a bit of a unix guy I just copied my rsync scripts from a linux box. Until I have pressing need tiger will be the OS of choice.

The list should be about the same. (Apple rarely changes shortcuts unless necessary).

You can also go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES - KEYBOARD & MOUSE and lcik on the KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS TAB and change them around if you feel daring or use the plus and minus sign to add your own custom ones.

(handy dandy)

And look at automator. YOu can make things in automator do a lot of functions as well and using with custom shortcuts you can really make some snazzy things happen.