Keyboard Macros to move cursor

Can the cursor in Scrivener be moved via key combos, such as Ctrl-K, Ctrl-J, etc? I find that using the mouse to move the cursor when highlighting words, correcting misspellings, etc., is too time-consuming. I’d like to move to this heavily-featured writing software, but I don’t want to give up the keyboard macros I’ve previously used. I don’t see the move cursor, highlight word, etc. commands in the list of options for keyboard use. Is there any way to create these macros?

Is there any way to create these macros?

In case there is no way to do it from within Scrivener, I recommend the swiss army knife of macros: Autohotkey:

I found it extremely easy and fast to learn, and you can write macros for other software too, not just for Scrivener.

I will check out your suggestion. Thx!