Keyboard navigation

I just bought a new iPad Pro 9.7 " and the Apple SmartKeyboard. [I’m pretty surprised how easy it is to type on this small keyboard.) I have a question about the keyboard support.

I see that I can select a project from the binder using up/down arrow keys and right arrow. Once in a project I can again use up/down to navigate among documents. But is there a shortcut to move the cursor into the EDITOR once I have selected a document in the binder?

Keyboard support is already wonderful, but I hope you’ll continue to add keyboard shortcuts.


I’m getting mixed results:

If I first select a project and then select a document with the binder using the keyboard, I have to manually touch the screen to edit the document.


If I’m already editing a document and I use Command-Option-Up/Down Arrow to select a different document in the binder, THEN (and only then) I can switch back to editing mode using the TAB key.

It would be awesome if pressing TAB while in the binder would always take you to edit mode. Hmmm…

While we’re at it, anyone know a shortccut to hide the binder/quick reference panel?


Thanks for this info, Tim. I’ll try that, but yes, it would be great to have a shortcut that consistently puts us into the editor when a document in the binder is selected.