Keyboard only Corkboard workflow?

I’ve searched Manual and Forums and haven’t found an answer. Is there a way I can do these Corkboard functions using keyboard shortcuts?

• Create a Child Document/index card
• Drill down into a stack of cards (I know there’s a keyboard shortcut for viewing enclosing)
• Opening card in other editor

Thanks for the help.

  1. Cmd-N (or return if you haven’t turned that off via the Preferences).

  2. Hit space with a card selected to open it.

  3. Shift-Cmd-O to open a selected card in the other editor.

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Thanks for the help.

How do you use Cmd-N to create a child card in the corkboard?
When I invoke Cmd-N, it creates a new sibling card, not a child card/card stack.

I know I can make a child document in the Binder, but I’m looking for a Corkboard solution using the keyboard.

Ah, okay - technically hitting Cmd-N is creating a child of the corkboard, because the corkboard itself only shows children of the folder that is in corkboard mode. So I’m not quite sure what you want to do here. If you have a folder displayed on the corkboard and want to add a child to that, then select it, hit Space to drill down into it, and then hit Cmd-N to create a document inside it. Hit Cmd-[ to return to the corkboard you were looking at before.

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I’d like to select an index card in the Corkboard, use a keyboard shortcut to create a child card, and open the stack containing the child. I can do this with the mouse and keyboard. Can it be done with the keyboard alone?

(This can be done easily in the Binder, because Ctrl- Cmd-Right Arrow will convert a sibling into a child document. I couldn’t find a command to do that from the Corkboard.)

  1. Cmd-N - create “A card”.

  2. Space - open card.

  3. Hit Cmd-2 to switch the document to corkboard mode.

  4. Cmd-N to create “A child card”.

Yes! That was the bit I wasn’t getting.

Thanks very much.