Keyboard short cut help

Hello there. I need help finding out how to make a keyboard shortcut for a lower case e with an accent on top. I can do it in Word, but don’t know how in Scrivener. Can anyone help? By the way, I’m on a MAC if that matters.


Apple has a bunch of built-in shortcuts using the Option key, so for instance to make é you can hold down Option-E to get the acute accent mark ´and then press E again to insert that letter beneath the diacritic. This page has a handy list and instructions for creating the different accented characters.

You might also consider switching your keyboard layout to use one of the extended versions, even if you don’t want to switch entirely to another language layout; that will give you an even handier shortcut for creating accented characters, and it’s simple to switch between different layouts if you don’t want it on all the time. Near the top of the page I linked to there’s a link entitled Extended Keyboard for OS X that will tell you more about this and how to enable it, if you like.

Also, if you’re on Lion, a new feature was added such that if you hold down a letter key, a popup will appear with the different available accents and you can click the one you want with the mouse or type the number below it to insert that character. This doesn’t work everywhere–I assume only in Cocoa apps–but it will work in Scrivener.

Thanks so much! That was a huge help. I appreciate it. :smiley: