Keyboard shortcut date stamp

Very nice the date stamp; but its keyboard shortcut (Shift-Alt-Comm-D) is nearly impossible. Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of keyboard shortcuts consisting of more than three components; but especially in the case of the date stamp, which presumably will be used rather often, a somewhat ‘easier’ shortcut should perhaps be desirable.

Whenever someone suggests different shortcuts, I politely say to them: Well, suggest one, then. :slight_smile: Scrivener has a gazillion shortcuts. Cmd-D is wired to duplicate, which is more important in the context of Scrivener. The insert date thing is not something you will want very often in the sort of writing Scrivener was really intended for, as far as I can see, hence the low-priority keyboard shortcut. But, if you have a better suggestion for a shortcut, I will consider it.


Yes, but the problem with changing shortcuts is that it’s difficult to know exactly which shortcuts are already in use in the system and in a particular application. A developer could know which shortcuts are still free; that’s why I asked what I asked.


I no more know all of the system shortcuts than any other Mac user. And some of my users know Scrivener’s shortcuts better than I do. :slight_smile: