Keyboard shortcut doesn't work (at first)

Can anyone help with this quirk?

I created keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-l and ctrl-r) for Binder Affects Left/Right Editor Only. And they do work–only never when I first fire Scrivener up. The first time I apply either command after starting the program, it will not respond to the shortcut and I have to use the mouse. After I click either menu command once, both shortcuts work. It’s as if the program has to be reminded.

I’ve tried other key combinations, same result. And I’ve created shortcuts for other commands without it happening. Mostly I’m curious about why it happens, but if I could also find a way to stop having to click through to the command every morning, my life would be just that one small increment better.


Oh, and I’m running Lion.


The reason is that those particular menu items can change names, depending on the set-up of the split: they can be either “Left Editor Only”/“Right Editor Only” or “Top Editor Only”/“Bottom Editor Only”. Which one is shown is only updated when you open the menu itself (this is how menu title is done across OS X). In the interface file itself, it is set up as “Top Editor Only”/“Bottom Editor Only”. So it doesn’t switch to the Left/Right variants until you open the menu. This is why the shortcuts you have set up only work after you’ve visited the menu - because until you do, no menu items exist with the titles you have set up.

The solution is straightforward: simply create exactly the same keyboard shortcuts in the System Preferences for “Top Editor Only” and “Bottom Editor Only”. That way the keyboard shortcuts will work no matter what the current state of the invisible menu.

However! In checking how this was set up out of the box, I noticed a typo in the UI file: “Bottom Editor Only” has a double space between “Editor” and “Only”. So until the next update (when that will typo will be fixed), you’ll also need to add another keyboard shortcut with that typo in it - sorry about that!

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Ah ha! Thank you very much for both the explanation and the workaround. This has been puzzling me for a couple of years now.