Keyboard shortcut for comments not working

Hi there! I’m not having any luck using a keyboard shortcut to insert comments. I started with my trusty Ctrl+Alt+M (muscle memory from leaving comments in Word), but when that only left Mm’s all over my page, I tried out a variety of different shortcuts in the options, but none of them reliably inserted comments. Do I need to press the buttons differently? Is there a magic shortcut I’m missing? Thanks for any help!

Click on help and put comments in search should see command and shortcut or do file >options> keyboard and can put in comments and will see keyboard shortcuts and have option to change

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve changed it a few times, but none of the new combos have worked reliably, either. Is there a certain pattern of key combos I need to use?

I think you need the focus to be on the editor.

Thanks for your reply! I moved the focus to the editor I’m working in, both by clicking on it and by navigating from the menus, but still couldn’t use the shortcuts to comment. Is there a different way to “focus” it?

No. Then try the shortcut after clicking in the footnotes and comments tab.
(I’m currently away from my computer. These are just ideas\investigations.)

Thanks for the ideas! Please do keep 'em coming. Still no luck, unfortunately

In the editor, you have some text selected first ?

Yes, it just replaces the text with an “M” like it doesn’t recognize the shortcut, even after clicking in the comments/footnotes tab.

Check for shortcut conflict maybe.
I’ll go to my computer meanwhile.

I will try that. Thank you so much for your advice!

Here I have shift + F4 as the default shortcut, and it works no problem (focus on the editor only).
Try resetting the shortcut or manually setting it back to that (shift + F4).

In the options/keyboard, if the shortcut displays in red, you have conflict.

Okay, that works! No conflict showed up for any of my homebrew combinations, so I’m still not sure where I went wrong. I suppose I’ll stick with the default for now. Again, thank you for the help!

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I just tried assigning a custom shortcut and it still works no problem.
Perhaps for some reason you had an unreported conflict. Or some other app running in the background hijacking the combination you chose.