Keyboard Shortcut for Copy Special/without Comments

I can’t make a keyboard shortcut for “Copy Special->Without Comments and Footers.”

I’m working through a document where I have a bunch of comments. I’m copying a scene, dropping it in ProWritingAid, and then looking at the issues there and modifying them. Once I modify them in Scrivener, I copy the scene again and drop it back into ProWritingAid to work on it some more. But I don’t want to copy the comments in when I do that. So instead of being able to Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, I’ve got to Ctrl+A, and then go up to the dropdown to copy special, and then Ctrl+V.

I’m thinking about a few different workarounds, but not being able to create a keyboard shortcut for Copy Special is a pain.

I really expected to be able to create a keyboard shortcut for any action available in the menus, and I think that should be the ultimate goal.

Thanks again for an amazing piece of software.

The menus support accelerator keys, so I think your sequence is: Ctrl-a Alt-e y w Ctrl-v

Rgds – Jerome