Keyboard shortcut for cycling between project windows

I would like to add a keyboard shortcut to cycle between project windows when I have multiple windows open. Old posts on this forum suggest that US keyboards use Cmd-` to do that. Unfortunately my German keyboard does not. Now I’d like to simply add a shortcut through the Mac keyboard preferences settings but I can’t find the relevant menu title. I can only find Window > nameofproject , which of course varies depending on the project… Any advice?

This is just the system wide shortcut to switch between the windows of the current program (for the UK and US it’s cmd-` (backtick), but I don’t know what the German equivalent is, sorry…

You can set this in System Preferences. Obviously it will work the same way whichever program you’re in, because it’s a system wide setting. I’m sorry I don’t know the German menu titles, but in English they are System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Keyboard > Move Focus to Next Window.

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That should show you whatever the system wide shortcut is currently. Of course, you can change it to something more comfortable if you want.


Hi and thanks for your reply.

This is not the case. The system-wide shortcut for moving focus to next window is ⌘< for the German keyboard - but that’s not working in Scrivener as it is over-written to mean zoom-out. So what I intended to do was to change the shortcut exclusively for Scrivener (using System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Apps > Scrivener) so that it will accord with my system-wide preferences. But I can’t seem to be able to do that as I can’t find a menu item for changing the focus to another window in Scrivener. (I can only find the open windows/projects listed at the bottom of the Windows menu, but of course I can’t use that to create a shortcut.) Any ideas on how to go about this?!

Well, the reason you can’t find a menu setting for it in Scrivener is because it’s a system wide setting — programs don’t need to provide it, so they don’t, generally. Scrivener’s not alone in that regard - Safari doesn’t, Devonthink doesn’t, Tinderbox doesn’t, and so on.

So, you have two choices, I think:

  1. Change the system wide shortcut in the way I suggested.

  2. Change the Zoom In/Out settings in Scrivener (which are user configurable in System Preferences) to something that doesn’t clash.

It’s a pain, I know, but short of programming a custom solution (way beyond my skills, I’m afraid), I can’t think of another way out.


That makes a lot of sense ! Thanks - those two options both worked!

You’re welcome!

I’ve noticed that this keyboard shortcut has stopped working since I updated to Ventura. Has anyone else had the same issue?

It cycles through other applications windows no problem, but not multiple Scrivener projects.

I have experienced this same issue since the upgrade. The problem is not that Cmd-` no longer cycles Scrivener project windows; it still does. But it doesn’t “loop around” once you get to the end of the window list, the way web browser windows do. So if you are already at the end of the window list, you need to use Cmd-Shift-` to go back in the list.

That is, if I open project Charlie, then project Bravo, then project Hotel, I can press Cmd-Shift-` to switch to the Bravo window, and then Cmd-Shift-` again to switch to the Charlie window, and then Cmd-` will take me back to Bravo.

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Very observant. You’re completely right. I suppose I always keep cycling until I get where I want—will have to learn to Cmd-Shift-` until the bug is sorted. Any idea what it is about Scrivener that makes the OS treat it this way?