Keyboard shortcut for indent on iOS version?

I’d love a keyboard shortcut to quickly indent or un-indent (is that a word?) text in the iOS version of Scrivener. I know that Pages on Mac uses Command-Shift-Right-Bracket to indent and Command-Shift-Left-Bracket to shift de-indent/outdent. I’m not sure if this is also an issue on the Mac version, if so, it could be useful there too.

Just a tiny request, I hope, that would make my personal process faster (and I’m maybe assuming that others using indenting as often as I do). Thanks for building a great product that keeps getting better!

All of our shortcuts are listed in the knowledge base. Here is a link to the relevant section on text editing. We have four indent shortcuts, two pairs for block indent and first line indent.

P.S. I’m not sure what the best word is, but we use “dedent” in opposition to “indent”. :slight_smile:

Am I missing something? I am trying to “dedent” a line in a bullet point list using the keyboard shortcut listed (Dedent ⌘⌥ →), and it just changes the bullet point styles.

I just used the return key to dedent the line. Is this the best/only way?

The question and answer provided here is confined to the management of paragraph indent formatting.

Lists don’t exist on iOS in the text engine—subsequently we have built a very simple mechanism to give one the basics while in this environment, but it does not support the nesting of list elements. Nested lists that come from other editors (including Scrivener for Mac/PC) might work, but I’d be careful about editing them. Since the engine isn’t aware of them, their formatting could be damaged.