Keyboard shortcut for QuickRef

Tapping the spacebar summons the QuickRef view of a file from the binder but not from the Outliner or Corkboard, for quite logical reasons.

However I often find I want to summon a QuickRef from the outliner. For example, I might have my draft in one Editor window and my sources the other, in Outliner. Then I want to look at 3 different docs at once. QuickRef is well suited to this, and I have a ‘Quickref friendly’ layout saved for these occasions. (It’s simply a very wide Binder and a very wide Inspector, because in that view I am not using either feature. With 2 Quickrefs covering the Binder and another 2 Quickrefs covering the Inspector, I can look over 4 different docs plus my draft plus a list of docs.)

Why not go to the Binder? Because first I want its real estate to show QR’s. And second because the outliner gives me much more control over the order in which I am looking at documents. If I want to run through all the ones modified today, or all with a certain keyword, it’s via the outliner that I can see them ordered.

It’d be great to be able to keep my fingers on the keyboard while summoning up the QuickRefs in this mode. Someone might reply that it’s not big deal to mouse up to the Toolbar, but of course, that’s just as true when the focus is on the Binder. Yet people appreciated a keyboard-shortcut there. If a similar shortcut could be created for Outliners, I’d be a grateful Scrivenoid. Actually, I already am, but I’d be even more so!



Hi David,

If you go to Scrivener>Preferences:Navigation, you can set the “Corkboard and Outliner Space Key Behavior” to open the selected documents in a QR windows rather than in the editor. Would that do what you want?

Well, as a matter of fact … yes! That covers it. One more case of RTFM on my end, I’m afraid.

Thanks for the quick answer!