Keyboard shortcut for show/hide invisibles on the Mac

Is there such a shortcut?

Or better yet, a toolbar button. All word processors have one, but Scrivener doesn’t?

You can easily create any shortcut you want for this via the Mac’s System Preferences: see this article for the step-by-step. You can also add a toolbar icon by right-clicking the main toolbar (or going to View > Customize Toolbar…) and then dragging the “Invisibles” icon to the toolbar.

But it doesn’t toggle!

The button toggles, but the shortcut does not, so I’d need a second shortcut to Hide Invisibles.

And I’d love to hear how I would find ANY mention of that button in the manual. I searched mentions of “invisibles” for at least twenty minutes.

I should have read up on tool-bar customization, I suppose, and then it would have become obvious.

What you need to do for menu commands like this that change their text is create two shortcuts, each using the same keystrokes, pointing to two different menu commands. For instance I have a custom one, Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-C that is bound to “Show Collections”. It is also bound to “Hide Collections”. So when the new menu name comes up, the Mac switches over to binding the hotkey to the “Hide” version, and vice versa.

Thanks – that’s a nice enough way to toggle. All in all, though, I’ll probably use the button.

Whoops, sorry I forgot about the double command.

Looks like Jennifer has you sorted there.

From the manual:

True, we don’t list the specific options available there, because it’s simpler for the user just to open the Customize Toolbar… palette, and it’s standard on a Mac for “Customize Toolbar…” to be the first place you look for extra buttons for the toolbar.

Well … I wasn’t looking for a button (when I first posted, before adding mention of that possibility later) so I hadn’t looked for tool-bar customization. Anyway, a search for invisible SHOULD turn up the button … and it doesn’t.

From your first post:

Do you go into car dealerships, berate them for having no wheels on their cars, and then say, “Well, I wasn’t looking at the wheels!” when they point out that all their cars do, in fact, have wheels? :smiley:

If you are looking for a button in any Mac application, then View > Customize Toolbar… should be your first point of call, before the manual.

Like I said … I was looking for a keyboard shortcut, originally.

And … like I said … there’s no reason searching for “invisibles” shouldn’t find the button that toggles Show/Hide Invisibles.

In the time it takes to tell me I should have found it on my own, someone could have added it to the manual.

It would be senseless to add every single thing to the manual; the manual is enormous and comprehensive enough as it is. The manual already states that common commands are available in the toolbar, and it is standard on Macs to look in the Customize Toolbar panel if you want to add extra buttons. Anyway, you have all the answers you need, so I’m closing this thread. Please feel free to open another one if you have further questions.