Keyboard shortcut in composer mode

When I go into Composer mode my keyboard shortcuts do not work anymore.
Any reason why ?


All keyboard shortcuts stop working, including such basic things as Cmd-C to copy? Or if not that, what shortcuts are you referring to—and do their menu commands also appear available if you slide the mouse up to the top of the screen and pause for a moment to reveal menus? Some features are deliberately disabled in Composition mode, so there is that to consider.

Shortcuts work.
The one I want to use doesn’t work.

I want to use p / a / d
Character and dialogue / action / dialogue only.
It doesn’t work.

When I am not in composer mode I currently have to use the fn key to make it work (fn+p / fn + A etc…). I checked my Mac preferences and I haven’t changed anything. Meaning I haven’t activated this option in the preferences. This is no big deal I’m just wondering why or what I might have done to force me to use fn ?

When I press return I do get a drop down but I prefer simply usng the shortcut which is quicker.
My Mac preferences seem fine.


Okay, the main scripting elements menu should still be accessible with Shift-Cmd-Y and then the hot key (p a, whatever), if everything is working as expected, there should be no difference between Composition and standard editing.

Another thing you can try that you may like even better is Opt-Cmd-#, where the number corresponds to the element number (as listed in the pop-up menu). Thus Dialogue is Opt-Cmd-5.

I’ll use the optio+command+x.
Works in composer also which is nice.

As for the p /a /d shortcuts. For some reason I can’t get them to work.
This is probably a setup problem on my end so I’ll look into this on my side.

So do you get the pop-up menu? You need to be seeing that in order for the single-key shortcuts to work (otherwise you will just type a ‘p’ into the editor for instance). Or do you see the menu, but the single-key shortcuts don’t work?

Glad the numeric options are working well for you though. Once they are memorised they are a lot faster anyway.