keyboard shortcut not working

for some reason when i try the CMD = shortcut that is supposed to split the window vertically it doesn’t work. I can see that the shortcut tries to invoke something from the view menu as it goes blue briefly, yet no action follows. Choosing this command via the mouse works fine. On the other hand, the shortcut for splitting horizontally works fine.

I am a bit confused. Cmd-= is the shortcut for horizontal splits. Cmd-Shift-’ is vertical.

Sorry Amber, I switched the two in my description of the problem. I have tried cmd shift ', and almost every related possible keyboard shortcut and all to no avail. Strangely though, if I am currently using vertical split, the shortcut works to return to a single-pane view, but won’t put me back in vertical split.

make sense?

The keyboard shortcut for vertical split is cmd-", not cmd-’.

cmd " is in effect cmd shift ', but the former would have made my post clearer. I have tried both, Keith, and neither seems to work. I have tried using the other cmd and shift keys, and again no luck. I will try it under the beta 1.04 and see if anything changes. If no one else has experienced the same perhaps it is something on my end, though.

A few things to check:

a) In Scrivener’s View menu, go to the Layout sub-menu. Next to the item Split Vertically, do you see ⌘" as the shortcut? If not, proceed with (b), if yes, try ©.

b) Have ever made any changes to the Keyboard & Mouse system preferences, such as adding a shortcut to Scrivener, or even another program? If so, you might want to check there. Since you say the view menu is flickering, that means the command should be getting trapped by Scrivener and not some other program, unless some other program is adding its menu function to Scrivener (some data collection programs, for example, add universal edit menu items that show up in all applications. I’ve never seen any universal view items, but you never know). If there is nothing conflicting or modifying, try ©.

c) Despite, you could try logging out, and then logging back in with the shift key held down. This will force the Mac to not open all of the things in the background that it normally opens for you. If some other helper application is trapping Cmd-Shift-’, then this will help isolate which program is the culprit.

If nothing above works, I’m not sure what we are looking at. Hopefully someone else will have an idea.

i checked the view menu and, yes, i see cmd " as the shortcut for split vertically, and cmd ’ as the shortcut for no split. Again the latter works fine from whichever split was in effect. I have disabled any other apps that handle/manage keyboard shortcuts, tried relogging in with the shift key down, and all to no avail.

I didn’t notice before, but when i actually do press cmd " (cmd, shift ') i was hearing a camera sound, though different from the snapshot (camera) sound effect. After investigation it turns out it was actually coming from the mac’s system preference settings for taking screenshots. sure enough, with that disabled all works well.

sorry for posting this in the bug hunt, given the nature of the error.

if there is no answer among the problems AmberV has presented, it is the third case that someone reports shortcuts not working while menu selection worked. In my case it was cmd-opt-N, the second case I do not remember.


Glad you sorted it out. Sorry I misread your earlier post and my reply was completely useless. :slight_smile: I’ve had this happen myself. Recently annotations stopped working and it was because the system screenshot shortcut had somehow got allocated to shift-cmd-A. I’ve no idea how, given that I hadn’t touched the settings. :unamused:

All the best,

Well, glad you got it all sorted out. That is very weird. Shift-Cmd-A is’s shortcut which is analogous to Shift-Cmd-1 at the system level. So that kind of make sense even though it makes no sense that it should just be randomly applied to the entire system. But Shift-Cmd-’? I’ve never heard of that being used for snapshots.

Maria, you didn’t happen to hear a snapshot sound in the soft distance when Cmd-Opt-N was broken? :wink: