Keyboard Shortcut Query

Have been working on Scriv for Windows happily for months. Yesterday had to work on computer at someone else’s office - downloaded & installed, registered and kicked off. Great.

However, when in corkboard and I wanted to Open a document, the right-click menu said “Open in editor - Ctrl+Shift+Enter” And it worked. Brilliant! Never had this before.

Today, I’m back at home and tried the same trick - it immediately created a new Document. Not what I wanted. I downloaded the most recent update and tried again. No joy.

How come? Are there different versions available as Updates and as New installations???

Another difference I noticed is that when I go to Writing Mode (press F11) on the ‘home’ version, it has ‘adjust paper width’ but on the ‘office’ version it had ‘adjust paper height’. More weird.

This is actually a very useful shortcut for me. I do a lot of Opening from the Corkboard and to be able to do it without lifting the mouse would be very handy.

Yours in puzzlement,

Westmorland Heathen