Keyboard shortcut question


are there any keyboard shortcuts for the following?

  1. to add a keyword to a document in the Binder (i’m not referring to the kbs which lets us open the kbs list).

  2. to navigate from a select item in the binder (the text i’m currently writing) to the Inspector on the right column.
    in other words, the idea would be, for instance, to add a keyword to the highlighted item in the Binder (the text i’m currently writing) without taking my hands off the keyboard (without having to click the Inspector area displayed on the right column).


I believe this answer should address both of your questions with a single method. The keyword to show the list in the sidebar is the same one you would use to activate the list for keyboard entry. This is how all of the specific Inspector pane shortcuts work. If the pane isn’t already shown, tapping the shortcut (Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-J in this case) will reveal it (opening the Inspector if necessary), but if it is already visible then that same shortcut will move the keyboard focus over to the the pane in question. Thus you can quickly double-tap that shortcut to start editing notes, add keywords, work with meta-data and so on. To add a new keyword to the list, use the arrow keys to choose a spot and Enter to make a new line. As always Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-B will get you back to the Binder once you are done.

For your reference, these navigational shortcuts are all located in the View/Move Focus To/ and View/Inspect/ sub-menus.

Hi AmberV,

thank you very much for the very useful, detailed answer! :smiley: :smiley:
things seem to be under control now and if not i can always, as suggested, refer to both menus & submenus you mention.

sorry for answering so late, i had forgotten to tick the “notify me when a reply is posted” and therefore thought nobody had replied yet.

You’re welcome! And you might notice, if you look at the keyboard, that the inspector shortcuts are all intuitive. HNJMKL are the keys used, which kind of follow a zig-zag path from left to right, in respect to the buttons along the bottom.

Thanks for mentioning it. Yes those shortcuts are intuitive indeed mainly on a qwerty keyboard. (although I’m using qwerty keyboard for several languages, the one I really master is the azerty keyboard, but shortcuts on azerty are ok too :slight_smile: ).