Keyboard shortcut question

What effect does SHIFT+COMMAND+V have? When I press it, nothing seems to happen?

It’s not assigned to anything.


On my system it’s set to “Scan with Sophos Anti-virus”. If you don’t use Sophos, it’s probably unset.


Interesting, Mark – I’ve got Sophos, too, but that key combination isn’t used by it on my system. I double checked with KeyCue.


Shift-OPTION-Cmd-V will paste unformatted text (and is one of my favourite shortcuts) but, as far as I know, without the Option key there is no default action for this combination in Scrivener.

For what it’s worth, in Mail it will paste the contents of the clipboard as a quotation. :slight_smile:

I’ve reset my commands so that Cmd-V gives me “Paste and Match Style” and Opt-Cmd-V gives me “Paste”. As for the Shift-Cmd-V invoking Sophos scanning, I guess I set that when I installed Sophos somehow … perhaps there was an option at the time of set-up, or in the Preferences; it’s not a keystroke I would have selected naturally for that purpose as it has little mnemonic value.