Keyboard Shortcut to create a List?

Is there an existing Keyboard Shortcut to create a list in Scrivener?

I tried to create a shortcut using the method described in the Scrivener Handbook, but it doesn’t seem to work (I tried to bind CMD-SHIFT-L to “List”, that failed; then I tried binding CMD-SHIFT-L to “1. 2. 3.”, and that failed as well).

Any help appreciated.

Thank you!

I’ve only had marginal results attempting to attach a keyword to the list menu items. I believe it’s one of those areas of the Mac menu system that are dynamically generated by code instead of being a part of the static list, and so they aren’t always available to the custom keyboard system, causing unreliability.

In short, it is easier to make a Formatting Preset out of your preferred list style and then use that to attach the keyboard shortcut to that.


That works!