keyboard shortcut to go to the top of a document ?


I’m sorry but I can’t find in the manual the keyboard shortcut to go to the top of a document.
I 've found control + up and down arrow to go to the next or before page but nothing about going directly to the top or the end of a document.

I can’t imagine it doesn’t exist in Scrivener… :wink:
Shame on me…


Yes, shame on you … :wink:

As you’re on a Mac, try Cmd-uparrow, which I’m pretty sure is standard across all apps.


There’s also the Home key, if you like the scrolling effect. If you’re on a laptop it might not be labelled, but it’s usually Fn+LeftArrow in that case, with Fn+RightArrow being the End key.

Command + uparrow doesn’t work in scrivener…
shame on you Mark :wink:

The winner is fn + left or right arrow. No home key on my macbook.
Thank you MM.

Yes it does, unless you’ve hooked it up to something else via System Preferences or have a plugin intercepting keyboard shortcuts in some way. Otherwise, Cmd+up arrow works in Scrivener just the same as it does anywhere else.

You’re right Keith (as usual…)
I checked in other apps such as Pages or Textedit.
Effectively, cmd+uparrow doesn’t work anywhere.

I looked in System Pref/keyboard and I didn’t see another shortcut in conflict.
How can I repair this ?
Do I have to open all my Apps (my god…) and look at each pref ?
Or is there a trick ?

I would take a look at what background programs you have running. For instance, take a look in the right of the menu bar to see what helper apps are up there. It sounds as though you have a plugin installed that could be intercepting things. That is, unless maybe it’s to do with international keyboards - my keyboard is on British setting, and I bet Marks is, too, so I wonder if that could be it?

All the best,

Found ! It was a keyboard shortcut in a workflow of Alfred 2 !
Cmd + uparrow is back in Scrivener.
ouf ! It is these small details that make writer’s life a quiet river…
Thank you for your help.


… try alt + uparrow ou alt + down arrow.