Keyboard shortcut to Move does not work [FIXED]

  1. Create a new Document or Folder
  2. Realize it isn’t in the right place.
  3. Hit Control-Left
  4. Realize nothing happens.
  5. Use the menu: Documents -> Move -> Left
  6. Note that it works fine

The use-case: When sketching out structure of a new project, it isn’t uncommon to need to create multiple Folders at once. When you create a File/Folder and the current item in the Binder is a Folder, it defaults to creating a child. This means if you hit Control-Alt-N multiple times, you wind up creating folders within folders within folders. This is easily fixed if the movement short-cuts work when you’re renaming things.

Good point, and I agree, the manipulation of an item’s context should be available even while editing its features.