Keyboard shortcut to reestablish text style default

This would definitely improve the work flow in the document.

Its way to easy to have your configured font colour setting etc… to be changed when you import text. I’m looking at other applications and this is sort of weird.

I really appreciate that I can configure background and foreground font colours. That is a requirement for me and my sight.

I don’t like taking my fingers from the keyboard.

Give me a keyboard shortcut to select the preference font and colour scheme. It is strange that an import can rework your font selection etc… I use this for writing and the formating is coming at some time in the future. I’d like to be able to reassert my base preferences really quickly.

I find it very confusing in a document when I use the “copy with style” option and its some style other than my preferences.


If you feel generous and it makes sense from a programming perspective you could give us 3 or 4 preference settings we could return to with structured shortcut. My typing speed always suffers if I leave the keyboard. Having a keyboard selected Normal, Heading 1, Heading 2 and Quote setting would be very useful.

I know you said that a style sheet would be very difficult, but perhaps a keyboard shortcut to change to a stated preference would have some of the same advantages.

There are some features coming in the next version that will help you out. You can already help test them if you want, with the public beta. One in particular will store formatting presets like heading 1 and so on.

One part won’t be addressed, the keyboard shortcuts. We do want to overall improve that a great deal. It’s admittedly a bit of a stop gap right now. Full menu access to custom shortcuts and special things like presets is something we do want to provide.

But that aside, you can still store however many presets you want and easily select them from a pull-down menu on the format bar.

I make liberal use of the Paste and Match Style command. That just brings it in plain, so that it matches everything around it. In cases where that doesn’t work, I use Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style. That’s better when you want to retain things like italics.


The problem with imported text is that sometimes I want the text to look different in which case I might as well leave it formatted as it was.

Having Document > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style as an option in the [color=##2075C7]Tools > Options > Keyboard Shortcuts would honestly be marvelous. (I’d slap Ctrl+Alt+D on that so fast my keyboard would spin. :mrgreen: )