Keyboard shortcut to rename Text or Folder

I am new to Scrivener and I am already amazed how powerful and precise the import function of word documents is.

I am stumbling over a probably simple item.
I saw that there are many many keyboard shortcuts (great! … -shortcuts).

But is there also a shortcut for renaming a file?

In the Macos Finder it’s usually “return”.

Edit: I don’t think that I can do this via the MacOS Keyboard shortcuts, because “Rename” is not a menu item.

Thanks a lot for any help.


If you go to Scrivener->Preference->Behaviors->Return Key, you can un-check the box that creates new items in outliner cork board, etc. Then, when your keyboard focus is on the binder (Move Focus To > Binder ⌃⌥⌘B), hitting enter will put you in edit mode for the selected title.

More keyboard shortcuts/navigation tips like the one above can be found here: … -shortcuts

If you highlight an item in the Binder (folder or document) and press ESCAPE then you can can rename the item (Return to accept the new name, Escape a second time to abort). That way you can keep the very useful Enter creates new documents feature!

Secondly, if you’re in an editor and have the Header View enabled (View > Editor Layout > Show/Hide Header View), then cmd-opt-ctl-t will take you to the Header Bar and select the document title so you can change it. (Enter or Tab to accept the changes).


Useful for some. I ended up creating tens of empty documents before I learned how to turn it off… :wink:

That is to say, if you’re accustomed to using return to create new outliner topics in other software, it’s probably useful. If, like me, you’ve never used outliner software, it’s incredibly annoying.


Thank you so much!

Also this is very helpful. Thanks a lot for the explanation!

True, but that’s outweighed by being able to create new items in lists without using the mouse. :wink:

Prefer mouse. Strongly prefer mouse. :smiling_imp:

Yeuch… Moussessss – nasty squeaky little things dragging poor innocent fingers away from the nice keys where they belong. We hates them…

Yecch. Key combinations that I forget or mistype and end up with a blank document when what I really wanted to do was fill in a synopsis, or change a document to screenwriting mode when I wanted to add a comment. :confused: On this we’ll have to agree to disagree. :smiley:

Your wrists must be stronger than mine… If I use the mouse or trackpad too much they start to complain pretty quickly.

Of course, I quite agree it’s YMMV — a good program is fully usable (for appropriate features) with both, and Scrivener is better than most at avoiding mandatory mousery. I’ve just downloaded Plottr and it’s awful for this. There are hardly any shortcuts at all, not even for the absolute basics such as New Card or to switch between views. No matter how many features it has, it would get so frustrating after a while.

Really? Maybe I’ll give it a try… :wink: