Keyboard shortcut to switch windows not working as usual

The zoom shortcuts (Cmd+< and Cmd+>) clash with macOS’s standard shortcut to switch between document windows :frowning: . To switch to another document, I have to zoom down to 50% and the next Cmd+< will at last switch windows. Usually the zoom shortcuts are Cmd+"+" and Cmd+"-" (which is taken already in Scrivener for formatting).
So now I have to grab my mouse and either click into the window that I’d like to get to the front, or navigate to the window in the respective menu – which is really awkward if you like to use the mouse as little as possible.

For now I changed this in System Preferences/Keyboard/Shortcuts and set Cmd-"+/-" to zoom and Cmd+Alt+"+/-" for text bigger/smaller. Even though this is possible, I think Cmd+</> shouldn’t be used at all in Scrivener since they are used by the system globally.

Are you sure of this? I have never once encountered that pair of shortcuts acting that way, nor have I seen them in use by the system for any other function, on a new or old system. I also see no hook in the System Preferences: Keyboard: Shortcuts: Keyboard section that allows one to Move focus to the previous window. The only option available is to the next window, and that is bound to Cmd-`, as it has been since the ’90s best I know. :slight_smile:

This might be relevant for German keyboards only – we don’t have a backtick on it. So for us it was always Cmd+< (I’m on Macs since System 7 so I’m quite sure about that).

Ah, that makes sense then. Whew, we might have a hard time avoiding all globals on all localisations, do you know where there might be a compiled list?

Unfortunately I can only find the reserved keyboard shortcuts for U.S. layout. … 7-CH84-SW3

So probably not much you can do about it. At least there’s a workaround.