Keyboard shortcuts bug?

I assigned a keyboad shortcut to “Auto-Generate Synopsis” via the keyboard pref pane in OSX. When I invoke that shortcut, the “Documents” menu flashes, but nothing happens. Likewise, when I select “Auto-Generate Synopsis” from the menu nothing happens. If I delete the shortcut from the keyboard pref pane, everything goes back to normal and selecting “Auto-Generate Synopsis” from the document window generates the synopsis. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Did you quit and relaunch?

Apple has sort of punted on actually making it easy to assign keyboard shortcuts. For instance, there is no way

  • to see if global keyboard shortcuts (like Services) conflict with local ones–Apple just deactivates the global and lets you figure it out for yourself–

  • or to see if a new short cut conflicts with a previous shortcut (I just added command-Q as a shortcut “Show Snapshots”)

  • or to see if you have the capitalization wrong

  • or to discriminate between the same menu string in two different places.

And for some programs, you can add the shortcuts, but then they don’t work due to some programming details that I don’t understand

Anyway, you need to figure out any conflicts yourself (hint, start with a chord command-ctrl-shift-non-alphabetic-key which is probably not already being used), and always quit and relaunch (or even restart) if you think it should be working but isn’t.

I use a macro program as well as keyboard shortcuts, but that creates its own set of issues.


Ok, I think I figured this out. The document needs to be saved at least once for “Auto-Generate Synopsis” to work. Once it has been saved, it will take the current text, not the last saved state. This seems like a bug to me.

I’ve also found Apple’s keyboard shortcuts to be unwieldy.

I use iKey and like it a lot. It also lets you chain commands and do a lot of other stuff that comes in handy.