Keyboard shortcuts documentation

Hi Amber –

It would be useful to have a shortcuts cheat sheet in the help documentation, and even more useful to have a printable version.



Have you tried keycue?


Hmm, you do know that Amber writes the FAQ (unpaid and out of the kindness of her heart, I might add), but I write all of the Help docs, right? But of course, Amber feel free. :slight_smile:

Keith –

Actually I didn’t know, though I should have guessed. You and Amber are listed as co-moderators of the Tips & Tricks / FAQ Forum, which invites us to

So I addressed the suggestion to Amber (bless her heart) figuring that you might still be reeling from the blitz of documentation that preceded the 1.0 release. :wink:

Eiron: KeyCue is helpful, but it can’t print me a hardcopy cheat sheet.