Keyboard shortcuts for italics, etc. not working

Can anyone have any idea why the Command-I shortcut – and the other font modification shortcuts – is not working on my system? It would be handy to have them when I’m in full screen mode.


What font are you using? Not all fonts have bold, italics, etc. variants, so clicking Cmd-I will have no effect if you are using one of those. Microsoft Word has code to produce a “slanted” version of such fonts, for instance, which is not a true italic. The Apple text engine doesn’t have this facility, but relies on the font family including proper variants.

If you open the font pane … Cmd-T … and select the font you have set for full-screen editing, you will see in the next column whether variants exist.


Thanks, xiamenese. [Or are you Mark?] I’m using Verdana. It has italics, bold, etc.

Both Xiamenese and Mark, and periodically Mr X!

OK, it’s not that — that is the most common source of the problem, which is why I brought it up — so you’ll need someone more savvy than me to help you out, I’m afraid. I’m sure they’ll be along soon. :slight_smile:

Good luck.


Can you give more details? Have you overridden any keyboard shortcuts? (Check the Format > Font menu to ensure “Bold” etc is enabled.) What happens if you quit and restart Scrivener? That would clear any glitches, so if that doesn’t help then these shortcuts definitely work in general so it must be something going on your end somewhere, and it’s just a matter of us getting to the bottom of that…

One way to check for shortcut weirdness, if something isn’t doing what you thought it should, is to watch the menu bar while you press the shortcut. The Mac will briefly flicker the menu that the command falls within. In this case, if you press Cmd-I and something other than the Format menu flickers, or if nothing flickers at all, then you know there is weirdness. Well, you already do, but this will at least confirm the type of weirdness. :slight_smile:

Another thing to check for is to turn your speakers up and listen for a system beep. That means it tried to do something and could not. Beeping is what would have happened if you had been using Lucida Grande or something like Mr. X (!) suggested. But conceivably something else could cause that to arise, so let us know if you get a “beep”.

Thanks KB and Amber. False alarm. Today it’s working. I imagine if I’d shut the program down and restarted the day I noticed the problem it would have gone away.

I appreciate your willingness to help even though I seem to have been the problem.


Glad it’s working again. If it happens again, let me know, because it does sound as though a bug occurred somewhere that made things act oddly.