keyboard shortcuts for keywords

Did I miss it or are there keyboard shortcuts for:

  1. Displaying and hiding the keyword palette
  2. Assigning a selected keyword to selected items
  3. Removing a selected keyword from selected items


Cmd-shift-k toggles the Keyword palette on and off.

AFAIK there isn’t a shortcut for individual keywords – they’re not presented on a menu anywhere so System Preferences can’t get at them to allow you to allocate a shortcut.

The nearest you can get is to use other shortcuts, e.g.

  1. cmd-opt-ctl-j to open the Inspector Keywords panel
  2. Press Return to add a new keyword to the document
  3. start typing and Scrivener will suggest existing keywords (so try to give them unique starting letters…)
  4. press Return to complete
  5. shortcut to go back to the binder (cmd-opt-ctl-b) or editor (cmd-opt-ctl-e).

I’ve combined those steps into Keyboard Maestro macros for the most common keywords I use.

For deleting a keyword, just use the arrows to highlight the offending keyword and press backspace (replacing step 2 above).

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to add or remove keywords from more than one document at a time. If you need to do that regularly, if might be easier to see if that keyword would be better as a label or status, which you can assign to multiple documents.

Thanks – that’s very helpful.
Much appreciated.