Keyboard shortcuts for styles in S3

Just upgraded to S3 and very happy with the concept of the ‘proper’ styling. I’m just wondering if there is a way to apply keyboard shortcuts other than the ten on offer by default. I use styles (formatting presets) a lot to mark up research text as I work. For instance, I change the colour of research text to grey when it’s been dealt with in my draft.

To date I’ve used a keyboard shortcut defined in system preferences to apply a formatting present to make text grey. Now, however, that shortcut no longer works. If I try to use the usual system of adding a keyboard shortcut in preferences using the menu command, that doesn’t work either.

Is there a way to use more than just the 10 ‘Cmd +’ shortcuts for styles, or are we restricted to those options?

Just answered my own question. The previous approach of adding shortcuts via System Preferences still works. The problem was the system was confused by having two apps called Scrivener installed. I downloaded the legacy 2.9 version ( as instructed in the Upgrade Guide ([url]] - RTFM!) so the original version of Scrivener became Scrivener 2. Now keyboard shortcuts added to Scrivener (v3) work as intended.