Keyboard shortcuts for submenus (specifically, Highlight)

This may be an OS problem but…

I want to change the shortcut for Highlight. (I can’t hit the default shift-cmd-H without taking my hand off the mouse.)

System Preferences>Keyboard won’t play, because the command “Highlight” is a submenu of a parent also called “Highlight” (Format>Highlight>Highlight). So the command picks up the first (leftmost) Highlight command and nothing happens.

I wonder if there’s a workaround for this? Otherwise renaming the top-level menu item “Highlight…” would solve the problem.

The only way really is for me to rename the item. I’ve just renamed the top item “Highlight Text”, but let me know if you can think of something better.

All the best,

That’ll do nicely…

I’ve never felt that Keyboard system preferences was quite 100% implemented right. My main bugbear is the impossibility (with a few honourable exceptions) of identifying what app provides each service – particularly when every damn app on the system is allowed to dump its services into the pref pane. I’ve spent hours renaming NSMenuItems but it shouldn’t be beyond the wit of the OS X engineers to code an app identifier into the system.

Not your problem, of course.

Tell you what WOULD be cool, though: something like the Kindle function which will gather all the highlighted text in a new document, sorted by source document. (Skim does something similar, I recall.) Something for Scrivener 3, maybe.