Keyboard Shortcuts for Text Styles

My wish is for a way to attach keyboard shortcuts to text styles.

I an a technology writer and need to insert headings and various other highlighting artefacts into my documents. I strongly want to be able to press ⌘-1 for heading1, ⌘-2 for heading2 styles.

I’ve tried to do this with many other tools including SysPref and none of them are able to ‘reach’ the Font/Formatting/ApplyPreset/StyleType with any reliability.

I’ve been turning to other applications more and more often which support this simple feature but lack the overall grace and style of Scrivener.

That’s what I wish.

Maybe it’s because you are using some core shortcuts as your choices for replacement. Cmd-1, 2 and 3 are for switching between Corkboard, Outliner and Scrivenings view. I would try something else, like Ctrl-1, 2 and so on. I’ve never had a case where a preset shortcut got lost, but I stick to using the Ctrl key for that stuff, as hardly any Mac software uses Ctrl alone as a modifier.