Keyboard shortcuts for the Services menu?

Very minor wish, but I would love to be able to use the keyboard for Scrivener’s Services Options. When I’m collecting stuff it would speed up matters if I didn’t have move the cursor about to select the option.

I notice other apps in the Services menu have keyboard shortcuts, so I thought for once I might be wishing for something that is actually possible!


You can assign keyboard shortcuts to your system services yourself. I use a little preference pane called “Services” (freeware) which makes this very easy to delete those services you do not need, to delete shortcuts, assign new shortcuts etc.

Hope this helps,

It’s not great practice to add keyboard shortcuts to Services menu items, really, mainly because they are system-wide and are also overridden by keyboard shortcuts for particular applications. So, say I assigned a keyboard shortcut that is used by another program you use for something else. The Services keyboard shortcut would work up until you launched that program. When that program was running, the keyboard shortcut would suddenly do whatever that program wanted it to do.

I think this can potentially lead to confusion and frustration, and for this reason - as Maria suggests - I think that in the case of the Services menu, it is best for users to assign their own keyboard shortcuts. That way, you can pick something that you know will work with all of the programs that you use in your workflow, whereas I couldn’t guarantee that with any shortcut I selected.

I hope that makes sense.

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It makes perfect sense, Keith. Thanks!