Keyboard shortcuts for Windows v Mac

I have always liked having a book alongside me even when working on a tutorial online. That being the case, I ordered Scrivener for Dummies – but, being a dummy, I got the one primarily for the Mac!

Aside from the keyboard shortcuts, which I can figure out I believe, will this book work for me (fairly well) in a Windows environment?

Chuck Billow

Which Windows version are you trying to learn, and which Mac version is the Scrivener for Dummies book trying to teach?

Asking because you’ve posted your question in the Windows Beta forum.

I am working with the Scrivener beta (v2.9.x?), And the book, “Scrivener for Dummies” (Hello!) By Gwen Hernandez was written from a Mac perspective, and I am not certain which version.

I did find though, a list of the keyboard commands that shows both Mac and Windows versions at … eat-sheet/


I think it was written for Mac v. 2, so is more relevant to the current Windows version. She may well be working on a “Dummies” book for v. 3, but my understanding is she is a Mac user so is still likely to be from a Mac perspective. That said, v. 3 for Windows is intended to bring parity—except where the underlying system provides facilities not available on the other platform—so should be easier to use across platforms, the main differences being in the UI, where to find things—e.g. Preferences on the Mac vs Options on Windows—and shortcuts.

HTH :slight_smile:


Chuck, trying to learn the Windows v3 Beta using a Mac v2 guide seems to me like a voluntary journey to frustration-ville.

The Beta is a beta: incomplete and buggy and likely months away from being ready for release. The Mac v2 guide will be trying to teach you a Scrivener interface that looks very different, and in some cases, particularly Compile, functions very different than the v3 beta you are trying to learn .

I guess the best approach depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

If your goal is to become productive now in Scrivener, i.e. drafting, organizing, and compiling your words, I would recommend going to the 1.9.7 Windows version and using the Mac v2 guide to teach it to you. There will still be interface and functional differences, but the software and the guide will be much closer to each other. 1.9.7 is an extremely stable, capable writing productivity tool. It is missing some v3 features, but so is the v3 beta. :slight_smile:

If your goal is to learn v3–perhaps you only want to have to learn Scrivener once–then my suggestion is to return the Mac v2 guide and wait until Gwen or someone else publishes a Mac v3 book. My guess is that you’ll see a Mac v3 guide published before Windows v3 is officially released. :smiley:

Not trying to discourage you, and the above is, of course, just MHO.