keyboard shortcuts in tooltips?

Is there a way to have applicable keyboard shortcuts included in the tooltips that appear when I hover over a button?

That would help me learn them much quicker, and I’d like that.

There isn’t an option for that, but most of the buttons have menu equivalents, which of course have the shortcut printed in the menu if there is one; if not you can set up your own using the System Preference Keyboard pane.

In a recent thread someone (Keith, I think) helpfully drew attention to dashkards.

Just a word of warning, that cheat sheet doesn’t seem to have all of the available shortcuts in it. Just quickly skimming it, I noticed some missing stuff in the Edit menu; Ruler and Format Bar toggles were not shown in the Format menu, etc.

There’s a complete list on the wiki, but it’s not as snazzy looking as the Dashkards version and not as easy to make a widget out of, alas.

There’s a pro dj program called Scratch Live that has a little question mark menu-button you can hover over and it brings up a big shortcut list. You can also press it to toggle a contextual menu that gives little “help” basics (and shortcuts) as you hover over different features on your screen. Both handy.

I’d use something like that – even a basic list available within the app would be swell. The contextual menu option would be the easiest at hand for me.

Thanks all.