Keyboard shortcuts to open/close split window view

I’ve been using Scrivener for work related transcribing (instead of writing, sadly enough!) and it’s fantastic for that purpose. But if I could change one thing, it would be to move the keyboard command to close the split window (Apple+ ’ ) to some other combination. The keyboard command to pause/start the recording is Apple+Enter and it’s too easy to hit Apple+’ when you’re trying to hit Apple+Enter. The command to open the split window is Apple+=. Why not make the command to close the split window Apple+Shift+=? Then the keyboard command would be virtually identical and much harder to hit by accident.

Thanks for a great program! :smiley:


Did you know you could change the keyboard combo yourself? Go to System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse, select the “Keyboard Shortcuts” pane and then click on the “+” button at the bottom. Select Scrivener as the application, then enter “No Split” as “Menu Title” and enter your preferred shortcut in the “Keyboard Shortcut” text field and click on “Add”. That will change the shortcut to whatever you want.

Apple+’ is two keys away from the return key on my keyboard, so given that keyboard shortcuts will never be ideal for all languages, changing the shortcuts via the System Preferences can be very handy.

Hope that helps!

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I should have figured that Apple would have a solution! Thank you so much.