Keyboard Shortcuts: Where do I find the default list?

I’m sure that this is a rather dumb question (probably a forest and trees question) so I apologize in advance. I simple want to find a list of the built-in keyboard shortcuts but my search seems to only locate all the ways of creating my own. I expect that there’s a list somewhere of the ones that Scrivener provides.


Check the Scrivener Help menu item - That is where you find it in the Windows version. I’m assuming that is where it would be in the Mac version (don’t have my MacBook Pro to check).

Open Scrivener and go to Help > Scrivener Manual. In the Table of Contents, Locate Part V: Appendices. Specifically, you’re looking for Appendix A, which covers Menus & Keyboard Shortcuts. I’ve also attached an RTF File that contains a list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Scrivener 3.x.
Keyboard Shortcuts for Scrivener 3.rtf (50.1 KB)

There’s an app for that.

Checkout CheatSheet at:

The CheatSheet app has a list of many of the ⌘ Command Key (Apple Key) commands, all available by just holding down the ⌘ Command Key.

I don’t see the app on the App Store, but it is available at the above link.

Note: CheatSheet brings up the ⌘ Command list for whatever application currently has focus, including the Command list for a number of other applications. So be sure Scrivener has the focus if/when you hold down the ⌘ Command Key to see the list of ⌘ Commands for Scrivener.

FYI: There are earlier postings for CheatSheet on this website that you can review by searching for “mediaatelier”.


P.S. I have NO interest, financial or otherwise, in CheatSheet or; just a user.

Wow. Thank you all for your help. These are great tips and tools.

A long time ago I was a mostly Windows user. I loved the way every menu item had one letter that would take you to that feature or function, down all levels of each menu system. Once you get to know these functions it truly means that your fingers don’t have to leave the keyboard to use the mouse to do something or go somewhere.

Since moving to the Mac after my Windows days, I’ve never really looked back and I find the Mac OS much more useful. However, I sometimes wish that I could just stay on the keyboard like I could in my Windows days. (I know there are third party apps that can do this.)

So, I remember somewhere in the Scrivener user manual it says something about staying on the keyboard for navigating the app. It seemed that I was unable to do that easily. But all of your suggestions are really helpful and will let me “go wild” in Scrivener!

Again, thank you all for the helpful tips.

You probably already know this, but… If there is a corresponding menu item in Scrivener, then you can also add or customize the key command for that function using Apple > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts as well.